How to Automate Human Resources Employee Management

Human resources departments spend most of their time on administration, instead on what should be at the core of their business - employees. M-Files provides complete automation of human resources processes from hiring to managing each employee.

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This is a series of blog posts by Unitfly in which we are describing stories of Digital Transformation – stories about improving business using the power of technology. Have in mind that in these articles, we are not referring to any of our specific clients – these are examples how we see the potential of technology in business context.

What is current situation?

The customer is a flight agency with more than 1000 people in their division. They are using a legacy HR application where they keep all the records of their employees. Current HR application stores all the data in the relational database (they are using Oracle database).

Moreover, all documents are stored on a file share and these documents are referenced in the HR application. The customer is also using Microsoft Active Directory, a solution for rights delegation, managing sign-on and defining and representing hierarchy.

Time consuming manual updating and searching for documents

HR department is simply spending too much time on manual updates of data and documents. Since they don’t have everything needed for their tasks, they often have issues with finding the right information and documents.

All mentioned would not be a huge problem for HR department if they had plenty of time to waste. Manual updates in several places are very time-consuming. By spending time on administration, HR department cannot focus on what should be their core business – their employees.

Ineffective HR department results with a whole set of different issues throughout the company.

What does the client need?

The customer understands that they need improvements and modernization of current HR application and they want to invest in a solution which can satisfy these needs in long-term:

  • Central system with all employee information and related documents
  • Solution for automation of their human resources processes in order to better track individual employee
  • “Smooth” integration with existing solutions.
  • Solution which will perfectly work within their network and existing security solutions

M-Files document management system – solution for human resources employee management automation

process of human resources automation

Having the customer’s goals in mind, we proposed the M-Files platform as a central system for HR processes and document management system. M-Files provides easy-to-use solution and complete automation of HR processes from hiring to managing each employee.

In order to connect all existing systems with M-Files we decided to use Microsoft BizTalk which allowed us to connect to the existing database, file share and configure everything within existing corporate network.

Results of the implementation of M-Files

After the successful implementation of HR processes within the department using our solution, employees in the HR department finally have everything organized and easily accessible, therefore, they are spending less time on administration and more time with the employees.

On corporate level, company is finally improving their employee performance, as HR is providing care and tracking of employees on the individual level.

Implemented solution does not only impact HR. Effective HR department led to a better employee satisfaction, which, consequently, created a more efficient company and increased customer’s satisfaction. Moreover, implemented solution allows us as a provider and client to continue working on further improvements in other departments, in order to digitally transform the whole company.

What do you think of this example? Leave us a comment about your thoughts of digital transformation in HR.

Do you think your company would benefit from this solution? We can help you find the right way to improve your business.


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